We paint Interior & Exterior, Residential, Victorian & Contemporary. The pride we take in our craftsmanship will be reflected in the finished project, and we will earn our customers’ complete satisfaction. We will provide total precision-crafted painting to our customers for optimum appearance and preservation Interior painting services We begin our interior jobs by taking the time to protect your building or home, long with your furniture and belongings. We fill and seal cracks, scrape and sand peeling paint, and repair damaged drywall and other surfaces. We prime bare or sanded surfaces and finish with a high-quality, durable paint, applied in multiple coats as necessary, followed by a thorough clean-up. We’re also expert at working with wood, and we can apply varnish to wood handrails and stairwells. Exterior painting services The climate is brutal on any building, whether it’s a multi-floor condo or a one-story home. Wind, rain, ice, humidity, and temperatures that can swing from well below freezing to over 100 degrees in just a few months wear away not only coatings, but the surfaces themselves. Before we begin applying paint, we’ll thoroughly prepare all surfaces – caulking cracks and gaps, sanding flaking paint and rust, patching holes, and even replacing rotted wood when necessary. We’ll apply primers on bare or sanded surfaces, and we’ll follow that with multiple coats of durable paint formulated to withstand the rigors of the region’s harshest weather. We stain decks, gazebos and fences, paint aluminum siding, and our comprehensive exterior service even can include installing gutters and gutter protectors. And through it all, you can rest assured that we’ll shield the building’s adjacent surfaces, fixtures, and landscaping. Custom painting services We apply and remove wallpaper, paint murals, and provide today’s most popular faux finishes and other specialty wall coverings, bringing distinctive elegance and a touch of personality to any home. We’ll consult with you personally to develop the perfect combination of colors, and we perform the sponging, rag rolling and other specialty techniques with an artist’s care to give any surface the inviting appearance of texture and depth. Carpentry/drywall services A proper paint job is about more than just paint. To do our job right, surfaces need to be properly prepared, and at Painters Pintomil, we’ll repair walls, wood trim and windows, guaranteeing the integrity of the base surface before we dip our first brush. Graffiti Removal Nothing is more degrading or embarrassing than seeing obscene graffiti on your facility when you least expect it. Painters Pintomil can mobilize quickly to keep your image preserved in front of your important guests preserving your image. Whether the job requires our powerwashing services, sandblasting services, sanding services, or other necessary special paint preparation and coatings, Painters understands the urgency of the task at hand.



Contact: Tel: DAVID 618 376 771 mallorca 

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